ASRS System - Automated Storage And Retrieval System

ASRS System

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ASRS System - Automated Storage And Retrieval System

What is ASRS System?

ASRS System, full name is automated storage and retrieval system. It is a new concept in logistics warehousing. ASRS System can realize warehouse high-level rationalization, access automation, and simple operation; ASRS warehouse is the current form of higher technical level.

Compared with traditional warehouse, ASRS warehouse has incomparable advantages. The big difference basis in hardware and ideas for asrs system warehouse. The main body of the asrs warehouse system is composed of shelves, storage retrieval system, asrs shuttle, asrs crane, in (out) warehouse workbenches, and automatic in (out) and operation control systems. Shelves are buildings or structures with steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. Inside the shelves are standard-sized cargo spaces. Roadway stacking cranes pass through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of storing and picking up goods.
More than 20 years in ASRS system manufacturing
Full rich experience in automated storage and retrieval system
All ASRS system are customized according to needs
ASRS System already installed over 20 countries worldwide

ASRS System consist of:

(1) Automatic storage equipment (automated asrs warehouse)
(2) Shelves (flat pallet shelves, mobile shelves, etc.)
(3) Various conveyor equipment (roller conveyor, chain conveyor, belt conveyor, lifting transfer machine, elevator, etc.)
(4) Various sorting equipment
(5) Unmanned trolley (AGV, RGV, LGV)
(6) Auxiliary equipment

Benefits of ASRS System

1. Improve space utilization
The basic starting point of the early asrs warehouse concept is to improve space utilization and fully save limited and valuable land. The idea of improving space utilization has a broader and profound meaning, saving land has been linked to more aspects such as energy saving and environmental protection. Some even consider the utilization of space as the rationality and advanced nature of the system.
The space utilization of the AS/RS library is closely related to its planning. Generally speaking, the space utilization rate of automated high-bay warehouses is 2-5 times that of ordinary flat warehouses, which is quite impressive.

2. Improve the production management level of the enterprise
The traditional warehouse is only a place for goods storage, and the preservation of goods is its only function, which is a kind of ‘static storage’. The automated asrs warehouse adopts advanced automatic material handling equipment, which not only enables the goods to be automatically stored in the warehouse as needed, but also can be organically connected with the production links outside the warehouse, and through the computer management system and automatic material handling equipment, the asrs warehouse becomes a An important link in the production logistics of enterprises. The storage of purchased parts and self-produced parts in an automated warehouse is a part of the entire production. Short-term storage is to automatically output to the next process for production at a specified time, thereby forming an automated logistics system, which is a kind of ‘Dynamic storage’ is also an obvious technological trend in the development of automated asrs warehouses today.

Types of automated storage and retrieval systems

Mini Load Asrs

Mini load system is a software-controlled solution that replaces manual storage and retrieval processes with automated ones. Picking is based on the goods-to-person principle. The mini load system transports the required items to the workstation.

Unit Load Asrs

Unit load ASRS store products and parts in pallet units in shelf racks that can be easily installed in existing buildings or rack-supported building systems.

Pallet Asrs

The automated storage systems for pallets and large containers are storage systems in which the load units are handled by means of automated storage and retrieval system.

Asrs Shuttle

ASRS shuttle is typically implemented for handling pallets of bulk products in warehouses or inventory containers in distribution centers.

Deep Lane Asrs

Deep-Lane ASRS is the one type of Automated Storage/Retrieval System. Specify the two typical characteristics of storage units which make this type of system become suitable. Describe its storage method and the method of operation.

Asrs Stacker Crane

ASRS Stcker Crane’ or Automatic Storage and Retrieval systems (AS/RS) describes material handling cranes that typically store and retrieve loads as directed by a Warehouse Management System (WMS). Most often these devices are autonomous, and must be as efficient as possible.

ASRS System For Application

ASRS System For Manufacturing Industry

ASRS System for automobile industry
ASRS System for pharmaceutical factory
ASRS System for PCB manufacturer
ASRS System for automobile industry
ASRS System for pharmaceutical factory
ASRS System for PCB manufacturer

ASRS System for logistics

ASRS System for air shipment warehouse
ASRS System for land transport warehouse
ASRS System for sea shipment warehouse
ASRS System for online shop company's warehouse

ASRS System for commodity circulation

ASRS System for supermarket warehouse
ASRS System for cigarette factory warehouse
ASRS System for garment factory warehouse
ASRS System for library's warehouse

Cases of ASRS System


Designs for ASRS System


Customization for ASRS System

We provide customized ASRS system design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning service. Tell us your details requirement, we will send you idea proposal with reasonable cost. 

Workflow chart:
Clarify the process of connecting the ASRS warehouse with the upstream and downstream,
2. Logistics requirements: the maximum inbound volume of the upstream entering the warehouse, the maximum outbound volume of the downstream transshipment, and the required warehouse capacity;
3. Specifications of materials: the number of varieties of materials, the form of material packaging, the size of outer packaging, the weight, the storage method and other characteristics of other materials;
4. On-site conditions and environmental requirements of the three-dimensional warehouse;

5. The user's functional requirements for the warehouse management system;
6. Other relevant information and special requirements.
7. Start design ASRS system
8. Customer viewing protocol
9. Agree protocol by both sides
10. Start manufacturing ASRS system as agreed
11. Arrange shipment
12. Installation
13. Commissioning
14. Finish project

Inquiry for ASRS System customization

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